LATELY — 7 March 2006

Movie/Oscars stuff

Crash is actually a pretty decent film; am surprised it beat Brokeback Mountain though. It’s so relentlessly about racism that it sometimes feels like a school project. The scene where Matt Dillon rescues Thandie Newton from her wrecked car is pretty sweet though. (So much so that I’m happy to overlook the artificial time constraint.)

And hasn’t Clooney so totally made it as a film star? I’d almost completely forgotten that he was once, you know, a TV star.

Rachel Weisz is pretty damn attractve in the Constant Gardener. (Noteworthy because I don’t often get crushes on actresses.) Not a particularly memorable movie though.

I was talking to someone about Hidden/Cache recently but we couldn’t really go into it because I haven’t seen it. Well, now I have but I can’t remember who I was talking to…

Jay Barnes on the Oscars, and whether the Academy is progressive

Decent article: “The bleacher sitters had flown in from across the country, and from Germany and Britain, just to see celebrities from 40 feet away. And — this is the part that confused me the most — they weren’t a bad-looking group of people. There were several women I would have been happy to sleep with were it not for the fact that it would be an embarrassing story of our first meeting: ‘I heard her shriek for Heath Ledger, and that’s when I knew your mom was the woman for me.’”